Tuesday, 29 September 2009

OUGD101 How To... (Evaulation)

I took on a few different roles within our group. I was involved with the initial ideas of the "Make Tea Not War" concept and developed this further with the group. I also produced the tags for the tea bags with the copy provided to me by another member of our team. One evening I designed the stickers which appear on the Mugs and bought the tea for our presentation. On the final day my main role was to organise the group and help with time management, as well as presenting our design to the rest of the course.

My performance was quite good for this project I think. I got annoyed when one of our team walked out, however I believe that I worked better without his negative energy. On the final day I may have been a bit too bossy towards the group, but I think we needed someone to take a role which organised the team. I could of had more of a design impact in this task if I had of spent more time developing my ideas and though more creatively towards our audience and the "How To..." issue.

Our group did not work very well together at the beginnings, however once one team member had walked out we worked so much better and became more productive. Once we had established who could do what in the team, we worked well together.

A positive of working in a group was the aspect of everyone having different strengths and weaknesses. I am not too good at illustration, but there was someone else who was. We tried to use everyones strengths to create our final design. A lot of aspects of this project, I could not have achieved if it was an individual project.

A definite negative of working in a group was the difficulty of getting on with everyone and not making some people feel neglected. I found it a task to try and be professional towards one person in the team due to their childish manner and maybe I dwelled on this too much and let it eat into the time I could have spent designing.

Next time I have a brief to complete, I aim to improve my time management and develop my ideas in my own free time, as well as that is timetabled. Also it would be good if I could gather more of my own research to help with my initial concept on how to complete a brief.

I believe our presentation could have been better. Our tea making idea took a lot of time and I don't believe out audience made the connection so I felt the need to explain. The digital presentation didn't work which was a real bummer. It would of made the presentation a bit more interesting if our audience had a visual aid alongside the verbal explanation... but we carried on without it without letting it affect us.

Overall I was quite happy with the result that the group produced and I have definitely learnt that working in a group is a difficult task, however you can achieve more than you could on your own as you can draw from others strengths.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

10 things...

Graphic Design is my passion. I realise that I need to learn how to become a designer who is confident with their work and proud of the result achieved. I am excited and chuffed to be a Leeds Art student and am determined to give my best this year and take on board all the comments from staff and fellow students.

10 things I wish to achieve this year in relation to the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course are...
  1. Printmaking -
    I am extremely interested in Printmaking. At the minute, my dream Graphics Career would be to be involved in a Creative Journal such as Creative Review or Eye. I would love to learn how to produce my own versions of these and experiment with different printing methods/papers/letterpress/emboss.

  2. AV -
    Audio Visual is one of my weak points currently. Stop motion animation has always interested me and I would be really keen to produce my own short film/advertisement. The process is alien to me and I would welcome to opportunity to learn more about the video world.

  3. Method -
    My working method is pretty rubbish at the moment... I get a brief and I start cracking with it. Once I feel I have an alright idea, I just go with it. By the end of the year I want to be able to realise I need to explore my ideas further before I rush straight into a shoddy design and be able to confidently say why one idea is better than another.

  4. Exhibitions -
    Leeds is a great city, and I have already been to an Art GAllery. Even though I wasn't too keen on most of the Art in there, it gave me an idea of what design I don't like. I believe this is just as important as knowing what you do like. Hopefully by attending more exhibitions and talk by industry professionals I can gain a better understanding of the designer I want to become.

  5. Like/Dislike -
    Currently I like and dislike some designs, but I cannot communicate why. I wish to improve this and understand why I like some images/typefaces better than others to aid my personal development.

  6. Team Player -
    I am used to working on a project on my own and discussing my designs with a team of people. Working as a team will be a whole new concept, and I believe a particularly hard one for me. I really hope to improve my team skills and produce designs that I am happy with and have had equal input.

  7. Software -
    InDesign is currently my programme of choice. I have used it for around 18 months now pretty much everyday and I am comfortable with it. I need to realise that not every brief will fit into a leaflet/poster/editorial. I must branch out and experiment more with new softwares. I would really like to learn Dreamweaver as the internet is so accessible, it would be a great tool to have that knowledge.

  8. Critical -
    Constructive criticism is always welcome. I must learn how to be critical of my own work, but not just "Ew, I don't like that" and to be more questioning why I don't like something and give a reason so I know what the actual problem is.

  9. Boundaries -
    Push to boundaries, think outside the box, the world is not just black and white... By second year I really would like to be able to be more experimental. I don't want to leave Leeds Art with just a basic knowledge and a boring portfolio. I am a creative person, so I hope to let me creativity free!

  10. Mistakes -
    A big part of the first year of this course is making mistakes. I must not try and get everything perfect... but to try new things and be a bit more daring... this is bound to result in mistakes. I will not be afraid of mistakes, but I will welcome them and learn from them.