Friday, 27 May 2011

OUGD203 Evaluation

Throughout this module, my design practice has been affirmed and I know more firmly what area of design I am most interested in and wish to aim for in my career. Design for print, specifically publications using type as a focus are primarily what I want to do.

During the YCN brief it was difficult at times as both me and Ailsa were quite undecisive and I don't think either of us wanted to take control, as there was only 2 of us. In a larger group I work better as I feel I can talk more openly, but when the number in the group decreases, there is more chance of offending someone.  I like to work in a team of 4 ideally.

Packaging was a big part of the YCN brief also and I have decided that is an area of print design which interests me very little anymore.

I realised, when I was printing my publication for 'Hate Week' just how happy I was and got excited when it paginated correctly, and trimmed down to size. I want this feeling when I work and it drives me to keep going.

During all projects, past and present, I can see that I manage my time well towards the end, but find it hard to get my teeth into something at the start. What I need to focus on is getting as many initial ideas down right at the beginning and deciding... rather than half going with an idea when its not really working.

I am so pleased with the result of 'Hate Week'. The juxtaposition works and it is definately a piece I can put in my portfolio and be happy with for both the reasons that it works as a piece of design and secondly that it reflects the context, content and media I wish to work with in the future.

One thing I would add would be include real articles in the publication rather than lorem ipsom, as that would show more type technical ability with layout restricted by word count, paragraphs etc.

This module has been the best so far and my aim to to continue doing mini projects over summer to build my portfolio even further.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Contact list - revised

Previously I emailed 5 professional studios... only getting one response. I have made a new list, looking at a broader selection of designers in selected locations; Nottingham, Leeds, Lincoln and London. I could also look at Sheffield and intent to send some more emails if my responses are thin.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Updated sampler

After my feedback from Celine Leterme I have adjusted my sampler to hopefully give a more confident approach and worthy of a placement... I need to print off some other projects and photograph them again as I don't think my images are very impressive. These will be updated by the end of the week and next week I can send off emails to my fresh selection of studios which I found over Easter. A placement would be great, but I have lowered my expectations and any feedback, positive or negative would be absolutely brilliant.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Feedback from Celine Leterme

Some brilliant feedback from Celine Leterme which came about by ordering Eight:48 through CounterPrint which the design studio Leterme Dowling run on the side. I need to find out a postal address so I can send Celine a thank you card which I have designed also.


No problems Hazel, hope it wasn't too strong. Just think it's not worth sugar coating. It's a good sign that you're even looking for feedback. Keep ups the good work, and best of luck with your career.


Thanks Celine for such a detailed reply!

I definitely need to work on communicating confidence with my work... many others have told me likewise. I am currently working on a project to truely showcase the two areas which I am most interested in (layout and type) in one piece which hopefully will be a great addition to my portfolio and something I can be confident in showing to others.

I understand where you're coming from about as a graduate I will be doing the basics and will factor this into my future proposals and contact with professionals such as yourself.

Anthony Burrill is someone I hadn't looked into before but the image you sent with this email was perfect. The quote is brilliant and the typography is beautiful! Thanks for suggesting to look at his work.

I do have a Twitter account (@hazelgage) and am currently working on my own website which I hope to be up and running before the summer.

Thank you again, your feedback have been invaluable,

Hazel x

Hi Hazel,

O.K, so I've looked through your sample and, on the whole, I think it's great that I can see you have an enthusiasm for design and that shows in the work. However, and this is just personal preference, I think you need to tone the CV down a bit.

People want to see that you can do the job, which usually when you leave college means setting type, working with layouts and generally being at the beckon call of the dreaded art director. This art director will receive hundreds (literally) of these a year so, yes yours needs to stand out, but for the right reasons. You need to show that you can be trusted doing the basics. Show you know how to work with good photography, type, illustration, editorial, digital, logos and identity systems.

I like the big type on the front and last page because it's memorable, but I don't really like how you describe your work in general, as it sounds like your talking to a child. Saying things like 'Are the positives clear in my negative type? Created to represent good in bad', sounds a bit cheesy to me and make you sound like you don't have confidence in your work. I know where your heads at with it, but you need to sell yourself more. Maybe for the big type, look at Anthony Burrill's work for inspiration. The fonts he finds from old wood block type are really quirky.

Overall, be serious in your tone. If your work is fun and creative it will speak for itself. Don't be afraid to revisit projects with your CV in mind. This is a major selling tool for you so you need to slave over it and keep tweaking.

Try and show a couple more picks of the Ted Baker project, as I think this is strong and try and apply your typography project to something. Get a little book printed and photograph that, or animate it and show it on an i-pad. It will have more impact. Also, if you don't have one, get a website with your work on, a related Twitter account and start networking.

I think the 'Layout' page is good because it shows practical skills that an employer can use. Maybe expand on this. Then one or two more projects would be ideal and a page with your CV details – what year you're in, where you're studying etc

Hope this helps! I'm sure some of this might be a bit annoying but I thought I'd give you a warts and all analysis.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


To see all posts for OUCE255 enterprise module, please click here. There are lots of blog posts, especially related to other businesses I hope to work for in the future or do placements with as I do not intend to set up mu own business straight away, but possibly in a few years time.

Enterprise Evaluation

In our first group meeting we assigned roles. My task was to work out the start-up costs and also to look at our competitors. We would all look into identity and marketing. This was a good tactic as from the very beginning we all knew what we each had to do and when we needed it done by. If we had any issues everyone was willing to help out.

The research I collected along with the other members of the group was to a better standard than I envisaged. We each collected a substantial amount data and were in contact throughout our individual research. As we had each a chosen area to look into, we did not cross-over information or waste time researching the same thing twice. Also it meant that if someone had a question about the finances, we all knew who would be able to answer it.

A negative of our group was our delay in producing out presentation. We had focussed so much on the information and business side of the module that we left the designing and presenting until the very end. Luckily it wasn't too bad and we worked hard and late to get the presentation made. We then individually wrote what we would say for each of our areas and got feedback from the other team members. The flow of the presentation was good and I don't think it was too data heavy.

We each added something to the presentation and to the module as a whole and I would happily work with these people in a group again. The skills and techniques I learnt are invaluable and in the future if I do set up my own practise I will be well equipped.

Enterprise Presentation

Monday, 2 May 2011

Sunday, 1 May 2011


I have clooected some information from the Design Council so we can compare ourselves with the UK in a broader sense and not just on a few other design companies.

I also looked more closely at the North West as this is the area we will be located in and it would be good to know in more detail about the state of design in this area.

SWOT and PEST for others

Useful organisations

Now I know a bit more about our proposed design company, I have been able to find out some brilliant information from The Design Council about useful organisations...


Steph probably had one of what I would class the most boring jobs, she was to find out about finances and legal stuff. She could only find out certain bits and pull it all together once we had decided how much rent would be and start-up costs. We also all decided that we would earn £22,000 a year so she could work out our daily rate from that.