Friday, 27 May 2011

OUGD203 Evaluation

Throughout this module, my design practice has been affirmed and I know more firmly what area of design I am most interested in and wish to aim for in my career. Design for print, specifically publications using type as a focus are primarily what I want to do.

During the YCN brief it was difficult at times as both me and Ailsa were quite undecisive and I don't think either of us wanted to take control, as there was only 2 of us. In a larger group I work better as I feel I can talk more openly, but when the number in the group decreases, there is more chance of offending someone.  I like to work in a team of 4 ideally.

Packaging was a big part of the YCN brief also and I have decided that is an area of print design which interests me very little anymore.

I realised, when I was printing my publication for 'Hate Week' just how happy I was and got excited when it paginated correctly, and trimmed down to size. I want this feeling when I work and it drives me to keep going.

During all projects, past and present, I can see that I manage my time well towards the end, but find it hard to get my teeth into something at the start. What I need to focus on is getting as many initial ideas down right at the beginning and deciding... rather than half going with an idea when its not really working.

I am so pleased with the result of 'Hate Week'. The juxtaposition works and it is definately a piece I can put in my portfolio and be happy with for both the reasons that it works as a piece of design and secondly that it reflects the context, content and media I wish to work with in the future.

One thing I would add would be include real articles in the publication rather than lorem ipsom, as that would show more type technical ability with layout restricted by word count, paragraphs etc.

This module has been the best so far and my aim to to continue doing mini projects over summer to build my portfolio even further.

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