Saturday, 17 March 2012


My trip to Golden was eye opening. They seem to be more advertising than graphic design. I cannot say a bad word about them or their practice, more that I don't think I would fit into the working environment.

Vanessa suggested that I undertake an advertising brief as one of my FMP briefs, Brief #5 Avica is exactally that. I am glad that the advice she gave were already considerations I have made but it showed me that I do not communicate myself very well. She advised also not the pigeonhole myself, as alot of designers have said to me, so I am trying to tackle more deliverables and briefs which push other areas of design practice, not just the areas I find interesting. I need to show I have a commercial side and can work in the 'real' world.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

38 unique visitors

imbootoo feature

Another feature just discovered today through indexibit statistics (this is proving really useful!) I have no idea how people are finiding my site but its great that they are and even better that they are sharing and directing others there!


ultrazapping featured

Firt time i've know about being featured on another blog! From my website based on indexibit I have found out that it has directed 7 new visits to me personal website! And there are 18 notes on the feature, but I can't see them =(, anyways, I said thanks for the feature, the site is a great source of inspiration, so its great to be featured amoung awesome work!


Friday, 9 March 2012


Went for a studio visit to UHC and it was ace! Really great inspirational building and studio. They will form a case study in my DC publication. I hope to go back and keep in touch with Jimmy. Who know, maybe I could get a placement like he did when I finish.

Note to self