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Based in Karlsruhe/Germany

Paper Planes

Based in Barcelona/Spain.

The New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine

Based in New York/USA.


Mark is based in The Netherlands and so I could not do a placement with them. But it is good to see what else is out there. I like the clean layout.


ink are based in Lyon/France and create this typographic magazine. As they are in France, I am not looking for a placement with them, but they are good for inspiration and a different look at typographic magazines in different countries.


Futu is based in Warsaw/Poland and all info taken from the website.

FUTU MAGAZINE Polish magazine which approaches a different design studio to art direct each issue
FUTU is an international, bilingual exclusive album released twice a year in Warsaw, Poland
FUTU brings new look to design, photography, fashion and luxury by combining most advanced publishing techniques with newest trends in graphic design and typography.

Here is a video posted on their site...

Futu Mission Statement
To highlight aesthetic aspects of life and positive models of material world. To present interesting and innovative solutions in design and fashion
To spread an optimistic vision of the future. To focus on quality of life. To stimulate creative progress
To become an international platform for creative expression of the most prestigious design studios in the world by inviting the graphic studios to contribute in following issues of the magazine.

Highly creative individuals presenting their subjective vision of the world

Impartial observation and analysis of social life of modern people. Looking at cultures, subcultures, people, relationships, society and teams. Seeing dependence and independence.

Fresh and creative solutions in: design, fashion, art, architecture, objects; quality of living.

Limited circulation - 6500 copies
Printed as an album
Size: 230x280
High quality print and paper, several types of paper in every issue.

available worldwide (Paris, London, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Zurich, Tokyo, in selected bookstores and concept stores (eg. Colette, Palais de Tokyo bookstore).
Magazine packaging in specially designed carton boxes.

ul. wilcza 42 / 12 00-679 WARSAW POLAND
T/F 22 622 07 75
editor - in - chief
editor - in - chief
development director / publisher
publishing director

(I have kept the ones which are most applicatble to my design direction... honestly I deleted some!)

Design Week Awards shortlist, Editorial Design category.
DAD Awards, nomination in the category of Magazine
New York Type Directors Club distinction:Typography Excellence

Golden Chimera - Best Magazine
Silver Chimera - Cover
Silver Chimera - Typography
Bronze Chimera - Table of Contents

Nomination in the category of Graphic Design

Golden Chimera - Best Magazine
Golden Chimera - Cover

Gold in the category of Design

Bronze Chimera - Best Magazine
Bronze Chimera - Market Debut

Golden Eagle in the category of Design

I really like some of their first designs, but have to say I'm not a big fan of their more recent designs. I intend to collect some of the older magazines, however they are sold out! Here are some of my favourite front covers and layout designs. 

Futu front covers.

Futu layout.


Love is redesigned in each issue and many of its graphics are created manually and, of course, with lots of love, giving a custom made feeling which is so appreciated."

Architectural Review

Reflecting upon my interest in The Architectural Review I have decided that I could approach different editorials which are of more interest to me and my professional practice. As with Creative Review, I do like it, but feel there is not very much room for actual creative thought in terms of layout and style. Everything is already pretty branded. It fulfills the purpose and I am sure it is an excellent publication, however for my professional practice I think I have discovered other agencies which I could evolve as a designer with, rather than follow strict guidelines.

Little White Lies

Little White Lies has no constant design from one issue to the next and from what I have seen it works so well. There is constant in that they use 'chapters' to break up the info, the front cover layout and the hand-drawn feel of the headline design. Beautiful stuff.

"LWLies is a bi-monthly, independent movie magazine that features cutting edge writing, illustration and photography to get under the skin of cinema. Because movies don’t exist in a vacuum, we venture beyond the boundaries of the big screen, exploring the worlds of music, art, politics and pop culture to inform and illuminate the medium we love. Bold, beautiful and unique, LWLies is a magazine on a mission – to reshape the debate across the movie landscape."

Little White Lies MagazineTop Floor
8-9 Rivington Place

LWLies is available in over 500 retail outlets across the UK & Ireland, including WHSmith, Fopp and HMV.

Published and designed by The Church of London... OH MY GOD!
The Church of London website
The Church of London PPD

Little White Lies front cover designs.


Elephant magazine was launched in Nov 2009, published quarterly and is defined as "new art and culture magazine". I love the simple but effective layout. It looks so clean cut and fresh with the guides aiding your eyes where to look. Every now and then when the text is at a different angle, it brings it up to date and edgy.

Only one concern... Cannot find an address for this magazine, only that the editor in chief lives in London. I need to know if I can afford to travel there for a placement before i consider contacting them for a placement and then having to turn them down.

All further information taken from the website.

Marc Valli, owner of the Magma design book stores in London, is the editor in chief. Featuring up-to-the-minute visual material, fresh faces and original voices, Elephant covers and uncovers new trends and talent in contemporary visual culture.

Anyone interested in contemporary visual culture: artists, designers, writers and copywriters, journalists, trend makers and hunters, a whole generation of trendy young urban dwellers who live and breathe this culture, for whom such cultural phenomena as well as knowing where things are at is as urgent and vital as the air they breathe. These could vary from art college students and hungry young professionals, to professional buyers and forecasters, to music fans and visual art aficionados, to art directors and established professionals in the creative industries.

Frequency & format
Quarterly, 280x 200 mm, 208 pages

Over 20,000 copies distributed internationally through bookshops, newsagents and on a subscription basis.

Cover of the 1st issue of Elephant.

Why Not Associates

Why Not Associates


Spin is based in London and do some amazing brochure and catalogue designs. I like how they can really demonstrate their design over different medias and formats from posters to leaflets. Link to enterprise post.

Even though I mainly want to become a layout designer, I am really into the design style of the work 'Spin' produce. I am not sure how may employees they have but by the amount of work they produce I would say it is greater than a handful of people! I love how they have experimented with different stocks. All of their work is different and so it shows that they are not just designing for themselves, but truely for the client.

They have been nominated for many awards, here are the ones which grab my attention as competition for what I wish to be nominated for in the future!

  • 1999 honourable mention, D&AD for typography
  • 2003-2005 nominations for books & catalogues, graphic design and advertising typography

Mima exhibition advertising.

Sainsbury's Tu Home launch catalogue.

D&AD 2005 Annual.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Design Council research

I have started thinking about what type of designer I want to be and how exactly I go about this. Before completing the Enterprise tasks I needed to refresh my memory, so have gone through the lecture notes etc but also found a brilliant report from the Design Council.

I have pulled out the most important data for my future.

The majority of design consultancies have been operating over 15 years. I guess these businesses have more experience and more recommendations.

It seems digital design has decreased slightly while communications has increased.

This makes me happy! I would like to go into a small sized team in the private sector and this data shows that 65% of design consultancies in the UK private sector have fewer that 4 staff... and 18% have 5-9.

This also looks good to me. Design consultancies earn an average £100k-£500k. Compared to all other design businesses earning average of less than £50k.

The design consultancies also expect to see a moderate increase in their income which is positive!

98% working for the private sector... this is getting better and better.

90% of the clients based in the UK. Perfect for me. I am concerned about producing work for other countries as I cannot know how they are going to perceive a message as well as the UK market.

The majority of design consultancies target new clients by personal recommendation. It is good to produce good work and be memorable I guess.

This surprises me slightly, sustainable design expertise come in lowest on this data of things which are very important when targeting new clients. Even creativity and price are low down.

Even though it does not seem as important to the client, design businesses are still doing quite alot to make their own business more sustainable.

This looks a bit devastating... BUT I will be in a better position when coming out of uni with experience as well as a qualification. I think that you do get a load of knowledge from being in the industry, but I believe I would not have been interested in typography or understood loads of the tiny details that make a good graphic designer without coming to Leeds College of Art. Being a designer, in my mind, is not about academics, but rather a state of mind and attitude towards the work. You do not need a degree to have this, you just have it or you don't. However, for me personally, my degree has helped me make the most out of the skills I already had and put them into practise more effectively.

Yay, they are recruiting students, and they are satisfied! 

This looks quite promising for my summer placements.