Thursday, 31 March 2011

Enterprise group meeting 3

We are still working really well together and today (before we break for Easter) we delegated the tasks. I am going to look into start up costs... such as equipment we need for the studio which needs to be done for wc 11th April as Steph needs these to work out cash flow and loans etc. The following week I will look into possible clients and how to target them/promote ourselves. Finally in the third week of Easter wc 18th April I will summarise all my finding so that when we get back together I can communicate my findings effectively.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Group tutorial with Jane


After finalising and tweeking my PDF sampler I was still stuck as to how to to describe myself... so I asked around. People came up with, polite, ditsy, not so generic, type, perfectionist, cheerful, geek. qwerky and approachable.

My email was approved by John and I wanted to tell them about the work I liked of theirs but also ask for guidance or feedback.

Monday, 28 March 2011

PDF feedback

I asked my friends what they thought about my PDF and also forwarded it to the designers at Jigsaw where I used to work. Here are the responses...

PDF designs

I have been really stressed about this PDF to sent out and today I sat down with Amber and some other sudents and had a head clear. I feel much better now and can refine my PDF.

Initial thoughts are that I will send out a mini sampler of my work as a PDF and ask for feedback. If I get a response I can then ask if I could visit them. At the same time as this I will send out a thank-you printed 'something'. Also I will need to design a printed sampler which I could leave with them if I visit any studios. I can design this over Easter as I plan to visit after easter. But I will need to design the Thank you before I send out my PDF sampler as this needs to be posted as soon as I get a reply.

I don't really like my PDF anymore... I am hoping it is just because I have looked at it for too long...

Front page of PDF sampler
Thank you in same style

Enterprise group meeting 2

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Enterprise group meeting 1

In my group is Steph, Jo and Jonny. I was initially really happy with my group but was even happier once we had our first meeting. We agreed on so many aspects of our design business that it should be a really good team.

We have alot to do over the time available but I am confident we will be able to complete the module to a high quality and all be happy throughout.

Stash your cash

Don't get ripped off

Don't just get a job

Friday, 25 March 2011

Ideas on PDF

I was worrying about the PDF I have to create and as I want to go into ediotorial designs I really want his to shine and so I was trying to think of ways to get this across...

From Johns response I have decided that with the time available I will just send a PDF and then if I get any responses, I will post something to them to get them even more interested.

Here are my initial digitised PDF designs...

What could I show?

I want to show typographic work, layout design, collaboration projects and personal development. I hope this shows the right kinda of work. I may get some poeple to look at my list and tell me what message my projects are giving... is it type based enough?... Everything is type what am I on about!

What it...
Shows collaboration

Shows collaboration and type

Type module
Shows type and layout design

Jigsaw (web banner and tes)
Shows used work both web and print

What is good?

Shows type expermimentation

Personal projects
Shows personal development

Monday, 14 March 2011

Words are pictures

Too bad these are in New York =(

"Expressive and experimental typography studio based in New York. Reprented by Blinkart in Europe and the UK and byBernstein & Andriulli in the USA / rest of world."

I have looked at Blinkart... They are a collective of artistic talent "exploring the fertile, multi-disciplinary ground beyond commercials and music video. Encompassing film, illustration, installation, design, photography and beyond, the roster is the creative alter-ego of some of Blink and Blinkink’s directors, exploring the uncharted terrain where brands and culture collide." Not only do they represent Craig Ward from Words Are Pictures but they also Lernert & Sander who I have blogged on DC previously here.

I admire them all however ideally I would love to do a placement with Words are pictures as these are the only typographic designers represented by Blinkart.

Studio8 Design

Previous look into Elephant proved unsuccessful but an email from John and further research has bought up this little beauty who have designed headlines for Elephant... perfect!

"Studio8 Design is an award-winning independent graphic design studio with a reputation for delivering intelligent and engaging creative solutions. Based in central London, Studio8 was established in 2005 by Matt Willey and Zoƫ Bather. Working with clients both large and small, in the UK and overseas, Studio8 produces a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines. The studio's team bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every new project and offer a scope of capabilities that includes editorial, exhibition, signage, corporate literature, websites, and brand identities."

UPDATE 21.04.11
Ooops... just found out that Studio8 Design no longer do Elephant magazine. I'm glad I know this now and don't bring it up and rely on it as the primary reason I am interested in them.


Yay Manchester!

"We are Young, a Manchester based design studio adept in brand identity development, illustration, print and interactive design. Young is playful, energetic and inquisitive- approaching new projects and clients with an open mind. If you have a project or company and need creative guidance, dont hesitate to get in touch. We can also on occasion provide a more tailored portfolio if you would like to see relevant creative to your situation pleaseask us to provide you with a pdf."

I really like the use of type and use of colour throughout their projects.