Sunday, 31 January 2010

100 Marbles Design Direction Feedback

Issues raised
No research into stop motion animations and no design of packaging yet.

Action to be taken
Think about design of packaging and research stop motion animations.
  • Michelle Geoundry
  • Dorritos Advert
  • Wes Anderson
General feedback
Good design sheet and my idea fits with my target audience as kids would find it appealing.

100 Marbles Rationale

I intend to solve the problem the the interest in marbles is decreasing by using product and packaging in the form of a stop motion animation on a DVD in an appropriately designed sleeve.

Who needs to know?
I will aim my piece towards Primary School children (5-11 years).

What do they need to know?
To know that (or be advised/persuaded) that marbles are interesting and fun toys which can also be collectable.

Why do they need to know?
To buy marbles from stores and increase their popularity.

What will they respond to?
I will use stop motion animation to grab their attention and use different coloured/sized marbles and animate them in an interesting and exciting way.

What research is required?
Primary Collect 100 marbles and experiment with stop motion.
Secondary Research stop motion.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Collection 100 Presentation

Subject matter
Childrens toys from different times and for different ages.

Themes of research
Board games, figures, stuffed toys.

Themes to be developed
Plastic, wooden, gender.

General feedback from presentation
Interesting facts and good pictures.

Methods of categories
  • Boys/Girls toys
  • Plastic/Wooden
  • Modern/Old
  • Colour
  • Scale
  • Timeline
Additional research required
Primary Get more general opinions, car boot sales, charity shops.
Secondary Look into how toys were advertised compared to now. 

Issues raised
Narrow research down and get more opinions

Action to be taken
Re-do questionnaire which does not include leading questions and look into more specific categories such as transport, board gams and playground toys.