Saturday, 27 March 2010

Communication is a Virus (Final)

Comments that were recieved on the final piece for 'Communication is a Virus'...

"The final design looks really professional and well crafted. Nice idea, but could have used harder phrases."
"Looks really good and like how the cards fit inside the packaging along with more information!! =) Really like the colours too!"
"Good interaction with mailshot."
"I think its a simple idea that works really well. Easy to carry around, fun and lots of information... Will people read all the text, is there a way of breaking it up?"
"Lovely colour choices and I really like the way the booklet folds out, nicely sized too."
"Good resolution. nice use of colour. Well crafted."
"Good colours and interactive final."
"Yeah I like it, the idea of the individual cards is appealing."
"Really nice idea, nice final product."
"Nice packaging, clearly alot of thought has gone into this."
"I like this alot. Such a great idea and done with class and simplicity. maybe font inside needs to be a bit bigger. the cards are very effective, they contain the right interpretation and don't loose impact. Nice design aswell."
"Wow to the packaging! =)"
"When you guys first told me about your idea I thought it would be difficult to pull off effectively although you've done a great job. Works as a nice unified package. Check the Polish words spellings though!"
"Really exciting and innovative packaging."
"Nice use of watercolour in development, well crafted package, not sure on the font for the front cover. Think of other nationalities that struggle to interpret basic text. Other than that, great work."
"Well thought out idea, nice packaging and use of colour. Easy to read and understand."
"Cool stuff!"

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What is a Line? (Feedback)

Issues Raised
Look at other designers who show the development of time, also experiment with different sequences.

Action to be Taken
  • Tate Modern - decomposing fruit in a video
  • Nine Inch Nails - decomposing fox in reverse in music video for 'her'
General Feedback
Think about the end result, maybe make a flipbook. 

Monday, 15 March 2010

Communication is a Virus (Crit)

How professional was the verbal element of the presentation? Was it delivered with clarity? What might have improved it?
1. Well presented, a few points were unclear but the initial point well chosen.
2. Well prepared. Notes organised. a bit of confusion with the target audience being holiday makers.

How professional was the visual element of the presentation?ow well were the boards designed? What might have improved them?
1. Boards were clear, mixture of image and facts. Well balanced, clear representation of research.
2. Too much on the boards. Presentation boards could have been done on the computer to ensure clarity.

What is the message?
1. Learn a new language.
2. To get people who travel to foreign countries to learn the language  of the country they are travelling to.

Is there a clear sense of audience? Who is the project targeting?
1. Yes, people going abroad, to learn more about the language.
2. 35-55, more cultured travellers.

What context will the message exist in? How does the proposed solution answer the 'virus' element of this brief?
1. It answers the brief well, trying something new, learning a new language, I think creatively exploring this will do this effectively with input.
2. Flyers and mail shots. Targeting appropriate places where the message can spread.

Overall, what do you think of the proposal?
1. Very interesting, I think the fun aspect should be kept, really like the idea of the figures.
2. Good idea, could be made fun to make it more appealing.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Communication is a Virus (Brief)

A graphic response to get people to talk/communicate more.

Nationalities, spoken languages, greetings, body language, integrating communities, bringing people together.

Target Audience
A range of nationalities in large UK cities, starting with Leeds. Need to select an appropriate age group possibly derived from questionnaire.

Tone of Voice
Friendly, curious, interesting, persuasive, welcoming, comfortable, personal.

Data on population, nationality. Want to interact with different nationalities. Questionnaire, emails, internet, information from language centres, council information and organised existing events.

Mandatory Requirements
2 colours plus stock, visable to a large audience - possibly display screen in a city square / train station / airport... and supporting printed material (maybe use a selection of ethnic prints to add texture instead of colour.

3x A2 presentation boards and a final project piece.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Leeds Contemporary Book Fair (Rational)

For the 13th International Contemporary Artist' Book Fair I must produce 20 editions of a hot dog fold book made from A4 or A3. These books must be based upon the Photography 'Art of Travel' work I did in Visual Language.

Present red things in  book using a hot dog fold and wool/thread instead of a printing process.

Who needs to know?
People who are interested in sewed illustration or contemporary book design.

What do they need to know?
A demonstration of red objects.

What will they respond to?
The should be engaged to keep turning the page by the interest of sewed pages and the feel of the wool/thread. Also I am to have something else which links all the red things together other than just their colour.

What research is required?
Primary Experiment with different thicknesses of wool/thread and different patterns.
Secondary Research into sewed illustrations.

After  I had my brief I asked some other people in the class their opinion of my idea...

Issues raised
Time constraints, may be very tim consuming. Also the edges of the fabric I would need to use may fray.

Action to be taken
Test out cross stitching an A4 sheet, if it takes longer than 1hr30, try only stitching the main red subjects and maybe dying or using coloured fabric.

General feedback
Nice idea by not using paper but need to think about time. Maybe think about making a pattern of red things, ladybird, flowers, apples, strawberries, postbox. Maybe use summer red things as a link for them all. Also choose a few colours such as red, green, black and white as to not over complicate it.

What is a Line? (Brief)

The Brief
Explore what is a line by investigating a connected series of events, actions or developments.

Time management as the work must reflect 7 weeks. Also development from one idea to another. Experimentation with various ideas and processes.

Target Audience
People interested in documentary photography and the effects of time upon a given object, person, place.

Tone of Voice
Informative through image.

Look into timeline photography and post onto Design Context blog. Books/internet but also look at artitsts who use lines.

Mandatory Requirements
Body of work which must reflect 7 weeks of work.

A set of sketches and a series of final images.

Monday, 1 March 2010

InDesign Workshop: Rob Green (Brief)

The Brief
Design a double page spread about Rob Green

Layout, colour, images, typography and copy.

Target Audience
Visitors to blogs... other students, potential employers and clients.

Tone of Voice
Fun, friendly and informative.

Online double page spread to go onto personal blogs with hyperlinks.

Mandatory Requirements
Visual investigation into design, final printed version and digitalised.

One printed double pages spread (A3) and a PDF for online use.