Monday, 8 March 2010

Communication is a Virus (Brief)

A graphic response to get people to talk/communicate more.

Nationalities, spoken languages, greetings, body language, integrating communities, bringing people together.

Target Audience
A range of nationalities in large UK cities, starting with Leeds. Need to select an appropriate age group possibly derived from questionnaire.

Tone of Voice
Friendly, curious, interesting, persuasive, welcoming, comfortable, personal.

Data on population, nationality. Want to interact with different nationalities. Questionnaire, emails, internet, information from language centres, council information and organised existing events.

Mandatory Requirements
2 colours plus stock, visable to a large audience - possibly display screen in a city square / train station / airport... and supporting printed material (maybe use a selection of ethnic prints to add texture instead of colour.

3x A2 presentation boards and a final project piece.

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