Monday, 15 March 2010

Communication is a Virus (Crit)

How professional was the verbal element of the presentation? Was it delivered with clarity? What might have improved it?
1. Well presented, a few points were unclear but the initial point well chosen.
2. Well prepared. Notes organised. a bit of confusion with the target audience being holiday makers.

How professional was the visual element of the presentation?ow well were the boards designed? What might have improved them?
1. Boards were clear, mixture of image and facts. Well balanced, clear representation of research.
2. Too much on the boards. Presentation boards could have been done on the computer to ensure clarity.

What is the message?
1. Learn a new language.
2. To get people who travel to foreign countries to learn the language  of the country they are travelling to.

Is there a clear sense of audience? Who is the project targeting?
1. Yes, people going abroad, to learn more about the language.
2. 35-55, more cultured travellers.

What context will the message exist in? How does the proposed solution answer the 'virus' element of this brief?
1. It answers the brief well, trying something new, learning a new language, I think creatively exploring this will do this effectively with input.
2. Flyers and mail shots. Targeting appropriate places where the message can spread.

Overall, what do you think of the proposal?
1. Very interesting, I think the fun aspect should be kept, really like the idea of the figures.
2. Good idea, could be made fun to make it more appealing.

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