Thursday, 4 March 2010

Leeds Contemporary Book Fair (Rational)

For the 13th International Contemporary Artist' Book Fair I must produce 20 editions of a hot dog fold book made from A4 or A3. These books must be based upon the Photography 'Art of Travel' work I did in Visual Language.

Present red things in  book using a hot dog fold and wool/thread instead of a printing process.

Who needs to know?
People who are interested in sewed illustration or contemporary book design.

What do they need to know?
A demonstration of red objects.

What will they respond to?
The should be engaged to keep turning the page by the interest of sewed pages and the feel of the wool/thread. Also I am to have something else which links all the red things together other than just their colour.

What research is required?
Primary Experiment with different thicknesses of wool/thread and different patterns.
Secondary Research into sewed illustrations.

After  I had my brief I asked some other people in the class their opinion of my idea...

Issues raised
Time constraints, may be very tim consuming. Also the edges of the fabric I would need to use may fray.

Action to be taken
Test out cross stitching an A4 sheet, if it takes longer than 1hr30, try only stitching the main red subjects and maybe dying or using coloured fabric.

General feedback
Nice idea by not using paper but need to think about time. Maybe think about making a pattern of red things, ladybird, flowers, apples, strawberries, postbox. Maybe use summer red things as a link for them all. Also choose a few colours such as red, green, black and white as to not over complicate it.

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