Tuesday, 22 November 2011


As I want to send somwthing physical out to studios and then send a follow up email, I experiemented with folds and came up with this design as I wasn't happy with my previous attempts. They seemed too big and something smaller is cuter.

Inside the envelope (and attached to it) will be a sample version of my first print created for the Pop-Up Shop. This links 2 professional networking and practices together. Also I any prints that I do not sell at the shop will be given away to studios when I visit them.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Postcards to post!

Printed my postcards today so I can now send all my emails off and send these little packs first class!


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Promotional postcards

I want to send something physical to the studios and professionals which I am emailing. Postcards would be a nice way to show off my work in the printed form and would nit be very expensive to create As there are now 4 projects in my sampler, I can create 4 postcards. Here are my simple ideas. The front of them will be printed on satin (as this looks great quality), but as you cannot double side print this, I will use vinyl on the back to stick the information.


I think the block of colour on the back cheapens the look of these postcards. By simplifying the design and making it more in relation to my sampler. it looks better and more professional. The outside black stroke will just be the edge of the sticker and will not show on the final postcards.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Timba Smit Intern

Seems everyone is looking for interns around this time of year! This is about the digital side of things, not my strong point at all! But maybe I could go and visit the studio...

Friday, 4 November 2011

VNA intern

I am hoping to contact VNA in the future, when my portfolio is more complete and see if they have another opportunity for a short placement over Christmas possibly.


I am hoping to submit my posters for Brief 05 and the pop up shop to this independent magazine and hopefully get featured!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

List of contacts

Eskimo Creative - Manchester studio
VNA - London street art magazine
Like Minded Studio - Austratlia studio
A2/SW/HK - London studio (A2-Type - Type foundry)
Underware - Amsterdam based Type foundry, workshops and typeradio
Daren Newman -
Luke Lucas -
Studio Makgill - Brighton studio
Demian COnrad - Switzerland based studio
The Entente - Brighton studio (Colophon Foundry - Type foundry)
Timba Smits -
Because studio -
Why Not Associates -
Generation Press -
Seb Lester -
Nicolai Sclatern -

Print, Digital and Experimental

Eskimo Creative are running this in conjunction with GF Smith. Gutted that I am unable to make it as it would be great if I got to talk with Eskimo and also good for research on my OUGD301 briefs.


I have been tweeting my new projects and retweeting others and replying to professionals. I think this is good, especially now they have begun to then retweet me.

I have posted photos of my new projects and also promoted myself and LCA at the Manchester Book Fair, which if I had more presence and importance it may have got more people through the door, can help to try! I have been retweeted by Blanket Magazine, Imagine That! and Eskimo Creative. I have found it a great source of information and a good way to keep in touch with past BAGDers.


Ok, I've been pretty rubbish in doing any PPD stuff and I think it must be because I was focussing on getting some design I am happy with so that I can show professionals. I really want to get a placement and really need to get myself out there. I seem to keep missing events that are happening in Manchester and it is getting frustrating.

I am hoping to email some studios next week and my list is growing.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Sample portfolio

I think this is a good time to update my portfolio. I am happy with more pieces of my work now and hope to get a few placements beofre I finish my degree. Through research for my briefs for submission of OUGD301 in relation to my rationale I have found more studios where I would like to work for and also have some contacts for my dissertation who I may also be able to send my portfolio to in the future.