Monday, 28 March 2011

PDF designs

I have been really stressed about this PDF to sent out and today I sat down with Amber and some other sudents and had a head clear. I feel much better now and can refine my PDF.

Initial thoughts are that I will send out a mini sampler of my work as a PDF and ask for feedback. If I get a response I can then ask if I could visit them. At the same time as this I will send out a thank-you printed 'something'. Also I will need to design a printed sampler which I could leave with them if I visit any studios. I can design this over Easter as I plan to visit after easter. But I will need to design the Thank you before I send out my PDF sampler as this needs to be posted as soon as I get a reply.

I don't really like my PDF anymore... I am hoping it is just because I have looked at it for too long...

Front page of PDF sampler
Thank you in same style

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