Monday, 14 March 2011

Words are pictures

Too bad these are in New York =(

"Expressive and experimental typography studio based in New York. Reprented by Blinkart in Europe and the UK and byBernstein & Andriulli in the USA / rest of world."

I have looked at Blinkart... They are a collective of artistic talent "exploring the fertile, multi-disciplinary ground beyond commercials and music video. Encompassing film, illustration, installation, design, photography and beyond, the roster is the creative alter-ego of some of Blink and Blinkink’s directors, exploring the uncharted terrain where brands and culture collide." Not only do they represent Craig Ward from Words Are Pictures but they also Lernert & Sander who I have blogged on DC previously here.

I admire them all however ideally I would love to do a placement with Words are pictures as these are the only typographic designers represented by Blinkart.

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