Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Spin is based in London and do some amazing brochure and catalogue designs. I like how they can really demonstrate their design over different medias and formats from posters to leaflets. Link to enterprise post.

Even though I mainly want to become a layout designer, I am really into the design style of the work 'Spin' produce. I am not sure how may employees they have but by the amount of work they produce I would say it is greater than a handful of people! I love how they have experimented with different stocks. All of their work is different and so it shows that they are not just designing for themselves, but truely for the client.

They have been nominated for many awards, here are the ones which grab my attention as competition for what I wish to be nominated for in the future!

  • 1999 honourable mention, D&AD for typography
  • 2003-2005 nominations for books & catalogues, graphic design and advertising typography

Mima exhibition advertising.

Sainsbury's Tu Home launch catalogue.

D&AD 2005 Annual.

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