Thursday, 9 June 2011


Me, Kim and Nick managed to get to Printout! in Manchester. Alasdair Hiscock from Article (Sheffield), Bec Brown from Blanket (Manchester) and James Griffin from Bonafide (Leeds) were there to answer questions and generally talk about independent publishing in the north. It was an amazing night and so insightful. It seemed we were the only students, so I felt pretty chuffed to be in the same room as professionals and on the same level of interest.

I asked Alasdair from Article if they had any placements for design students and he suggested that none of the team had design knowledge and that they would be interested in a bit of help. This really shocked me as Article is an inspiration to me, it shows that you don't need a degree to be creative, you either have it or you don't. I know all design and creative things are subjective and some may think Article is awfully designed, but I am the oppisite. I emailed them after the event and Ben replied asking for examples of my work and said "Sheffield doesn't have many eager young graphic designers, especially compared to Manchester!, so we have never really engaged help on graphic design. But the offer is really intriguing, and i think it could be quite fun."

After sending them my PDF sampler I didn't hear anything back from them which was pretty gutting. I tried emailing a few times with no response. They are someone who I could email again in the future when I have more stuff to show them but it would have been nice to work with them for a while over summer.

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