Sunday, 26 February 2012

Placement at Box-head

Had an awesome week at Box-Head! Working with David, Matt and Giles on a signage project and viewing some video footage for the same project. Very exciting and great to get some real experience. David has suggested that I should be pro active about getting more placements and so I will email some more studios/chase up existing emailed ones. It was tiring and exhausting, however I think this was because the work was more intense and less 'creative' as in uni. Not in a negative way, but at uni obviously you choose the briefs that you think will give you the most creative freedom, which is not the case in a real working environment, therefore the outcomes are harder to perceive and manage with the client I guess and its about compromise, not the designers own self-indulgence.

It was a rushed placement, and having found out on Friday afternoon, it has messed up my comfortable schedule for the week I was working and this coming week. However, I believe it has made me focus more on my work and push myself even harder. Extremely happy to have some more great contacts in the industry, experience, and a different viewpoint.

I have a portfolio surgery with Golden in Leeds and Ultimate Holding Company in Manchester coming up, so hopefully I can be more positive and confident due to this placement.

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