Friday, 26 February 2010

Don't Panic: Vogue (Final Crit)

What concept/statement/fact/question/tone is being communicated?
1. Desire and how vogue makes you feel... the need to buy things.
2. Consumerism, the need that vogue puts in people to have material things.
3. Desire, consumerism, our culture of wanting whatever is fashionable/popular etc.
4. More popular something is the more you want it, see the gradual more to don't mind - need. The way people can become obsessed.

Is this being communicated effectively?
1. Yes by the type and how it is placed in a person.
2. Yes, although it maybe less clear on two of them. When you bring the whole phrase in it becomes clearer.
3. Yes - use of words and hand rendered feel make it personal and easy to relate to.
4. Yes, it delivers the idea well, but hard to see in places the concept. But that could easily be what was intended, don't realise until you look closer, such as actual fashion scenarios.

Have the posters answered the brief?
1. Doesn't have the word vogue in which is the briefs main word, but it is clear and relates to vogue by wanting/needing to buy things.
2. Yes.
3. Communicates the feeling of 'wanting something' really effectively.
4. Yes, works well.

Who is the audience - have they been addressed?
1. Students - fun poster students could like.
2. Very feminine, but appealing, good reference to the popular 1 love... things you see.
3. Students... perhaps women more directly.
4. Students, but only appealing to girls. Therefore if all students were given them only like half the amount of people would probably put it on their wall.

1. Hand made type makes it more personal.
2. Simple colour scheme, good symbolism, appropriate font, i like that they are all suited to each word.
3. Nice use of colour, simplistic and clear layout works well.
4. Style and layout works really well. Strong, efficient and good use of space.

What could be developed further?
1. Colours and placement of image.
2. Perhaps some arms? Maybe the last one could use the space a little better.
3. Perhaps try different colours?
4. Colour, perhaps make it less aimed just at girls.

Further feedback
3. Really good that you tried something out of your comfort zone. A2 will make it even better.

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