Thursday, 15 April 2010

Communication is a Virus (Contract)

Chosen partner
Jonny Finch

Why have you chosen to work with your creative partner? What are your aims?
Jonny I have chosen to collaborate with Hazel because I feel we have differing creative strengths, but we also think in a similar way and are both very committed towards our work. I think having this similar attitude will help us absorb new skills from each other over the course of the brief.
Hazel We have similar ways of approaching work and we are both very dedicated. Jonny has an illustrative side to his work which I would really like to use in some projects.

What are your specific areas of creative interest in this brief?
Jonny My specific areas of creative interest lie within hand drawn illustration and type, or producing any original artwork which can then be scanned in and digitally manipulated. Other interests are digital typography and photography.
Hazel I like illustration but am not fond of my own drawings. I think my area of expertise would be more on the computer based side of things - digitalising artwork and possibly creating a website.

What design skills do you have to offer in relation to your chosen brief? How do you intend to use them?
Jonny Hand drawn illustration and type, digital type and layout, Photoshop.
Hazel Layout, Type, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

What specific non-design skills do you have to offer in relation to your chosen brief? How do you intend to use them?
Jonny Idea generation and development, research.
Hazel Research, blogging and documentation, evaluation.

What will your specific roles be in the collaboration in relation to your brief?
Jonny Illustration/hand drawn imagery, Photoshop.
Hazel Digitalising artwork, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign.

What will your individual responsibilities be in relation to the brief?
Jonny Producing original artwork, researching, idea generation, aiding production of finished pieces, good communication, compromising with my partner.
Hazel Researching paper manipulation for the mail shot, sourcing locations to place the finished product, digitalising artwork.

Joint responsibilities?
Developing product, idea generation, researching, questionnaire, testing different practices and techniques.

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