Monday, 26 April 2010

PPD Presentation (starting points)

Determined and objective describe me as an individual.
My approach to life is reflective, objective and confident.
I want to be organised, decisive and punctual.
I look for ambition, commitment and focus in others.

Ten things I have learnt this year are;
  1. Colour theory
  2. How to use a sketchbook
  3. Blogging has taken over
  4. I know other designers
  5. Inspiration can com from anywhere
  6. Illustration isn't as bad as I thought
  7. I am a geek
  8. Staying late is more productive than watching Holby City
  9. Research is so important
  10. No news is good news
Ten things I want to learn are;
  1. What is a line...?
  2. Embossing
  3. How to go about making my own typeface
  4. Where is there a rehab for pink and grey users and abusers?
  5. Time management
Effective and creative describe my ambitions as a designer.
I want to instruct, inform and document.
Message, research and type are words which I would associate with my work.
I have developed skills in idea generation, research, and video.
I am interested in developing my skills in typography, book design, print and information graphics.

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