Friday, 7 May 2010

Speaking from experience (progress crit)

Has a problem been clearly identified?
1. Yes clearly designed - the unwritten rules of graphic design. Not a genuine problem but light hearted fun. Certain parts useful but not entirely.
2. 'The unwritten rules', its genuinly quite fun, not necessarily a problem but still appropriate.
Me.  The brief does not say that my concept must be based on solving a problem. I am trying to design and produce some products wish will inform the new first years on the unwritten rules me and my classmates have learnt over over first year on the course.

Is the audience being taken into consideration?
1. Yes, in terms of preparing students for what is to come but unless they understand the course and tutors they may not understand all of the rules.
2. Yes definitely, injection of humour is always appreciated. Subject could be quite intimidating, but when approached in a fun way it works. Information being presented is useful and will become more useful over time. Not sure about foundation students section, why?
Me. Getting the balance right with the rules and wording is key, I need to reword the rules so they are not intimidating but fun aswell as informative. I asked foundation students about their likes and interest in terms of design as these are some of the hopeful applicants to become the new first year students, and as they are my audience... i thought it would be best to see what they like... and not base it on what we used to like as design and teaching changes rapidly.

What further research is required/would be benificial?
1. Speaking to students. Possible other products. What students feel they would have benifited from.
2. Look at use of colour and type to catch your eye, the yellow works well. Is hand drawn typeface appropriate? think about legibility and clarity. Positioning of stickers, different environments.
Me. Legibility is a huge point to be addressed when I consider whether or not to creat a typeface for this. I hope to keep it quite simple, so not to overclutter or detract from the message.

What methods are being used to document the research/development?
1. Work sheets but could do with more drawings.
2. Photographs of proposed product. Questionnaire used to find unwritten rules from actual students. Mock-ups, design context for different typefaces.
Me. I will do more drawings and sketches of my ideas as these help move the brief along.


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