Sunday, 6 June 2010

PPD Presentation (background)

To start with I looked through my 10 things... post which was the first time I wrote down what I wanted to learn through my first year. It includes printmaking, AV, method, exhibitions, like/dislike, team player, software, critical, boundaries and mistakes. I thought about using each point as a new slide and also thought about what pieces of work I can relate to each.

I also looked through at a more recent post starting points where I put down what I had learnt and what I hope to learn next year. ALot of these things reate well to each other and I can fit these into my 10 things... slides.

I have a rough idea of the order and what I want to show and talk about on each slide. I am hoping to show what I wanted to learn, what I have learnt and what I aim to learn next year. All of these tie in quite nicely and lead onto each other. I just need to think about layout and as I am rubbish with Powerpoint I will creat my idea on InDesign and then PDF each page and import as an image... may seem like a long way round but I would be much happier with the result if I did it this way.

Slide 1. Front page.

Slide 2. Workshops and elective.

Slide 3. Moving image.

Slide 4. Method.

Slide 5. Exhibitions and inspiration.

Slide 6. Like dislike.

Slide 7. Team player.

Slide 8. Boundaries.

Slide 9. Most enjoyable.

Slide 10. Least enjoyable.

Slide 11. Second year.

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