Thursday, 6 January 2011

Previous work...

I am in the lucky position that I have already worked as a Graphic Designer, no joke.

At Benoy International Architects, I took the initiative to direct my life how and where I wanted it to go. I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, but with no experience or education in this field I was delighted when Benoy employed me as a Trainee Graphic Designer at the age of 19. However, things took a turn for the worse and the recession happened... architecture was hit hard and redundancies were made. After just 9 months in my dream job, just before Christmas and at the age of 19, I was made redundant. Bummer.

Contacts are amazing. A close friend of mine whom I met at Benoy (and got made redundant a month before me) Told me about a job where she had found work. Jigsaw Systems. They are the leading Apple Mac & Adobe Dealer and specialise in technology for creative professionals. I worked as a Graphic Designer there for almost a year, until a week before I went to Uni. I still go back every Christmas and Summer.

Throughout these two jobs I have primarily been working with print layout and know InDesign extremely well. More recently at Jigsaw, I have been working on web based designs such as banners and eshots.

I need to remember that I know a hell of alot about industry experience that many students coming out of Uni don't know. I hate 'blowing my own trumpet' but think maybe now is the time to sell myself and emphasis all the things I have learnt while gaining industry experience.

Here are some designs I have created whilst working at Benoy and Jigsaw.

Thanks for reading my waffle (if anyone did)

Hg x


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