Thursday, 6 October 2011

Group tutorial with Fred

Really helpful to see what others are tackling in their third year. Some have chosen similar briefs to myself but are approaching them with a different focus.

A revision of my briefs has happened through this group discussion. I need to stop worrying and thinking about what is going to be produced at the end of the process and see where it goes through development. Some of my small briefs for the book fair and pop up shop could relate to my larger briefs.

Brief 01 - Typefaces. Explore the collaboration of different typefaces. By next week I need to aim for a whole load of different examples of possible typefaces, then at the tutorial I can show what I have and discuss what is working and where it can go from there.

Brief 02 - Publication. Headline fonts for a series of publications based on window designs in the Midlands. By taking the elements from one window from each city (Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield) and create a typeface for a publication on each city. Also create a working interactive web version of the publication.

Brief 03 - Identity. Exhibition of possibly my own work or maybe black and white film photography. Identity across different deliverables.

Brief 04 - ISTD.

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