Sunday, 11 October 2009

OUGD101 Alphabet Soup "Ross Allman" (Crit)

The four words I chose to represent were loud, boisterous, leader and angry. I explored these through searching for imagery and felt that a shouting mouth would represent them all pretty well. I also used capitol and bold letterforms to help show the boisterous characteristics.

Arial Black was a typeface that Ross selected as one of his favourites. I decided to use this over the others he supplied me as I believed this could be easily manipulated, yet still be recognisable. It is quite a simple font and I think it was an appropriate choice as I could alter the anatomy of the letterforms effectively.

I went through some different ideas before settling on my thoughts of representing a "shouting" typeface through the development in my sketchbook. I originally started thinking about what Ross likes, however then realised that I wasn't answering the brief. I have combined a few different designs for my final idea, but tweaked them slightly so they work well together and as a typeface.

From the Crit I had on Friday, I have a few more things to develop/think about further before I present my final piece at the end of the week. The Crit was really helpful and pointing out strengths and weaknesses with my design. I am going to experiment with different colour mediums such as marker pens and acrylic paint. I am also going to experiment with clashing colours, to further portray the angry characteristic suggested by Ross. I am also going to think about my presentation techniques and the layout of the alphabet. I could possibly link the letters together or give them more personality with the way the are positioned on the page. I am also going to develop different ideas for the name badge, such as which paper and possibly alternative colours.

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