Tuesday, 20 October 2009

OUGD101 Alphabet Soup "Ross Allman" (Feedback)

On Monday, we got feedback from other people on the course about the Alphabet Soup project. My alphabet was supposed to represent Ross Allman and here is what Niall and Kirsty had to say...

By actually manipulating the typeface, making counters a thin line and the type becomes blocky being bold and boisterous along with the colours chosen. Illustration for the mouths works really well.

The colour is really strong, but because there is not a definite colour, it doesn't work when put together. Colour doesn't look angry, maybe all should be red for example.

Could try black and white - would still be bold and would look all suited and conformed

I agree with Nialls comments on my work and am going to look at the colours again over the next week or so and will definitely be trying out his idea of red and black.

The final typeface portrays Ross' loud, boisterous personality in the way you have manipulated the counters as if the letters are expanding and the mouths are shouting.

Limited research/development work, but not all is here. Doesn't capture his anger in the colour.

The colour of the final letters could have been brighter to show his personality more in your face. Could have researched more into photographing different expressions and then drawing from them, sound/frequency.

Again I agree with some of Kirstys comments, I didn't even think about photographing or using different expressions, I focussed more on the shout. I may develop this and give it a go... Also she picks up on a good point about limited research. I forgot all of my development stuff, I only had my sketchbook which included 2 pages worth of initial ideas, none of which I used!

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