Monday, 16 November 2009

OUGD101 No News Is Good News "Mailshot" (Group Crit)

We had a group crit on how we were getting on with out Mailshots. I found the group crit very positive and some good points were made.

  • Good how its for teachers to show children and the way it pulls out of the envelope is fun so its very appealing, yet facts about Titanic children wont be able to relate to so its about target audience.
  • What materials are you using? What will happen to the envelope when it is opened?
  • Colours? Other ideas on envelope format.
  • Works well. Like the way in which it folds out. Good that you're including written info too to give it some context. Front of envelope?
  • Look and choose facts to be used.
  • Develop envelope (front)
  • Colours the same as used in poster.
  • Inner "sea" ill stay in envelope... this pulls out and is attached to the inside of the envelope.

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