Thursday, 26 January 2012

Craig Oldham

Got so much from my talk with Craig Oldham today when he saw my portfolio...
  • Work more with imagery, it is clear that type is a focus, but how can this be incorporated with imagery such as 'I'm Still Here'.
  • Think about talking like design rather than type.
  • Get in contact with Timothy Donaldson for feedback, if he doesn't get back, tell Craig. Haha. 
  • Show images in context. In 'A Type Of Show', its not clear what was exhibited. 
  • Take physical items as well as a portfolio.
  • Show the process of production, especially on'The Specials'. Doesn't matter if cannot be produced on a large scale and cannot have a real life application, have fun. 
He had confidence in my work, and it was great to get an opinion face to face with a professional not from the course team or another student. I gave him the 'Rat Race' poster from 'The Specials' brief with a business card inside the tube. He seemed pretty happy to receive this and I will do this in future with any professionals which I converse with.

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