Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I am tiring of my personal branding. Jonny asked me why I was using Georgia on my boards as this is a web font. I had no idea. I just like it and at the time was a bit dismissive, but on reflection, as a typographicly focussed designer, I really should think more about my font choice! Also looking at previous graduates portfolios, they look more polished and my layouts are beginning to look dated. I have relied on simple layouts for too long, and now is the time to shake things up a bit and step outside my comfort zone.

I am giving myself 1 hour to come up with a new branding identity. Seriously.

Here is what I achieved... This will be changed when I get back to Leeds by adding shading on some elements of some of the letters such as the right hand side of the H and right hand side of the G. (similar to letterforms of Exhilaro... But this will do for now.

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