Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Group tutorial prep

1. What is industrial experience? 
Industrial experience isa chance for me to get a greater understanding of areas of design which I cannot get through sitting in the College studio. Industrial experience will allow me to see and feel first hand what working as a designer is really like. Different places have different ethics and ways of working so a variety of industrial experience is a great idea. 

2. What can you learn from industrial experience?
I can learn about real deadlines and how the system works between designers and others staff members. It is important to know others peoples roles in a team and industrial experience will give me an insight and help me learn about this so that when I finish my course, I have more of an understanding and can adapt better. 

3. What form/format could industrial experience take? 
At the moment, industrial experience for me is all about visits. I hope to get quite a few visits in place over the next few months. Initially I need to find out designers I like and explore/research places where I could go. In the future, industrial experience could mean placements. I would love to go to a studio but also se how a freelancer works also. Over the summer I hope to get quite a few placements and make good contacts. 

4. What areas of industry are you interested in? 
I am really interested in typography and layout. I would love to go and do some industry experience for a freelance illustrative typographer and also a large magazine such as Grafik or Creative Review to see how they work in such a big team. I would hope to make some great contacts and be memorable to these places as these will be valuable when I finish my degree. 

Alison Carmichael is on my list of people I would LOVE to get some industry experience with.

Dan Tobin Smith is a photographer who I would love to gain some knowledge from. I love the images he creates by using perspective. 

Grafik is coming back in January and I would just love to do a placement there. Layout is a massive part of what I want to do as a designer. 

5. What are your concerns about industrial experience?
I am concerned that I will not be memorable and have limited interests. I don't have any hobbies or many views on things and so sometimes I think this makes me seem a bit boring! My main passion is graphic design. I am also concerned that I will not learn alot from some places as they will get me to do demeaning tasks such as make tea. I want them to treat me as a designer with potential, and to see that I am there to learn about the industry, not how to be a tea lady.


  1. well, it sounds like Grafik is just coming back in time-they will have settled into their studios and be ready to greet interns/placement students by summer!
    Have you been in touch with Alison Carmicheal yet? you should get a dialogue going with her- invite her to meet you at the Letterpress exhibition in Dec/Jan at Standpoint Gallery.
    I would imagine you have a lot to say about your work and the work of others so that will get you through the placement.Folk always worry about making tea-yep,you will have to do that but it's up to you how much you do creatively-ask questions/offer help and comments/be proactive.

  2. ps. did you catch Paul Pensoms talk the other week? did you talk to him in the studio? if so,contact him, if not,contact him!!

  3. Hi Jane, sorry I have only just seen all the comments on my blog and I am astounded! I couldn't go to the Letterpress Exhibition in the end, I had to work. Also I have not been in touch with Alison Carmichael as I don't really have any work to show her of the designer I want to be. I just seem to be collecting loads of stuff on My DC and not actually doing that much. This new year I really hope to focus in on my designs to create pieces that reflect the direction I want to go in. I did catch Paul Pensoms talks but find it hard to hide my feelings, and was one of those who hated the recent re-design. I feel there are better publications and editorials out there that I would much rather do placements for... I know I'm not in a position to be picky but I want to aim first for what I consider to be the top. No doubt that CR would look amazing on my CV... Maybe I will change my mind. Hg x