Thursday, 11 November 2010

How will I promote myself?

By knowing the marketing methods (communication mix) suitable to my practice and applying a range of them I can reach my audience of editorial and typographic orientatied design studios in a more effective manner and communicate myself as a designer. I intend to be a designer in the outside world at the same time as fulfilling my degree. This will include competition and live briefs, demonstrating my passion for graphic design outside of normal college hours.

By focussing on getting their attention, building their interest and convincing my possible employers I hope they would take me on board and achieve a respectable career as a Graphic Designer.

To get their attention I hope to create a self-promotional piece much like Alison Carmichael has done (see below). Something that reflects not only my work and what I want to do, but my personality. I would demonstrate my personality through the design style and concept they could expect if they hired me. For me, it is massively important to have a good relationship with other colleges and be comfortable at work so that I can show my true personality. I would not want to work somewhere that takes itself too seriously and is strict with design. We need rules to know how to break them. I would also run a blog and set myself personal briefs... these would be ideas which I have but do not have a way to execute them to a set brief. I have already started this project and it has made me more confident in my design and shows a real passion for design.

Once I have grabbed their attention, I need to build their interest. I would aim to do this by carrying on the initial motions and keeping a blog up-to-date and personal work/blog relevant to todays PEST factors. However, alongside these continuing developments I could send through a portfolio or an information pack a few days or weeks later as a teaser. I would hope this to be reflective of my design direction and again, personality and so therefore be print based and not too serious, but polished and of high quality.

Convincing them is important I believe. To be able to give evidence that you are a worthy employee could come in many different forms such as recommendations and statements from other professionals. Another way to convince them would be if I won a competition and received a commendation. This would link getting their attention and convincing them in one go, so competition briefs could open up many new opportunities. However, I do not want to rely on these as a method to get myslef noticed as there is such a slim chance of winning. This would only work well as part of a bigger plan as mentioned in this statement.

Touch Branding - self promotion

Alison Carmichael - self promtion
Use of crayons for self promotion

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