Thursday, 11 November 2010

Who else is out there? - How good are they?

In responding to this task you will need to consider the following questions: Who am I competing against? What do they offer? What makes me better? What makes me different? 

Based on the principles that have been introduced in lecture 4 of the Enterprise module and your responses to the previous tasks, evaluate the Strengths and Weaknesses of three practitioners or design agencies as objectively as you can. What opportunities for your own practice have revealed themselves to you as a result of this analysis and evaluation? Do not use subjective language or make unfounded comments about other peopleʼs businesses. It is essential that you make references to SWOT and evaluate its usefulness as an analysis or evaluation tool.

The results of your research should be posted to your Enterprise blog. and summarised by a 250 word statement/evaluation. You should am to illustrate your opinions with relevant examples of contemporary design practice.

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