Sunday, 25 September 2011

Manchester print fair

Manchester print fair wasn't as good as I'd have hoped. There were only a small number of stalls and I think due to this, the atmosphere was pretty quiet. Also, with it being named a 'print fair', I expected more of a range of printed items. I really wanted to pick up some zines as research for my dissertation, but all of them (that I saw) were illustration based, not typography. I took it as a good opportunity to pick up some business cards anyway for inspiration!

Next door is THE MOST amazing book store... Such a great resource for design books and magazines. Ended up spending way too much money, but all of it worthwhile!

On this little day-trip, I saw things on a huge scale. At one point realising how much of a geek I am by wondering what point size a M&S logo was and thinking I was seeing the worlds biggest poster, along with dining in the worlds first pop up bowling alley 1050s style and beautiful old letting in Victoria station which I absolutely love. Each time I go to Manchester, it makes me more determined to move here after Uni.

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