Thursday, 29 September 2011

Response to design strategy presentation

I realise that I didn't communicate what I actually want to do to Lorenzo and Joe. I got across the illustrative typography side, but not that I want to work with print and in particular, publications.

Also as a reflection, I need to re-brand myself with this new rationale in place. I think I might do this later in the module as I want to get more experienced with illustrative type before I brand myself as that.

I have a pretty specific area of illustrative type that I am interested in, more than creating letterforms of my own, I want to take structured typefaces and add some character to them. Illustrating them within the stems and serifs. Here is one example which incorporates pretty much everything I want to do (except for the actual content being fashion, which is a bit no for me!)... illustrative letterforms, editorial and print.

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