Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Statement of intent

Smile - stay positive and sane throughout third year and into the world of work.
Fontographer - design a typeface to a professional and usable standard.
Praxis - learning through doing.
Research visits - get inspired by the world outside the studio.
Business cards - contact information so I am always prepared and do not miss opportunities.
Dreamweaver - HTML/CSS need to learn to be able to make my own website for me design presence.
Photography - photograph my work to a high standard for my portfolio.
Contacts - make contacts!

The other day, I made a different sort of statement. My friend had been assulted by a man who looks remarkably like Michael Cera. Unlike this doppleganger, I want to make a positive mark on society. I reckon that is what keeps me going. I want to make others smile. Design may be useless in the whole spectrum of life, (all we really need is water, food and light, like plants I suppose) but in the manufactured world of luxury we have become accustomed, I am glad that I am involved in something to make the world a brighter, cheerier place.

I always thought I wanted to be designing printed resolutions and typefaces rather than motion and image. Now I know it. The end of year show (just gone) metaphorically 'kicked me up the arse' by showing me what I could potentially become. Nay, what I will become. In one year, I am going to have a portfolio that says, on a personal level; involved, professional, fun-loving, forward-thinking, committed, and on a professional level; print, illustrative/decorative type, branding, small team. It will not say; advertising, retail, fashion/music, screen, craft, in-house, freelance.

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