Monday, 23 April 2012

Covering letter


A good CV cover letter will accompany your CV and is an excellent opportunity to highlight the particular skills that you have, which are relevant to the job you are applying for.  A good CV cover letter should introduce you and if applying for a specific job, ensure that you put any reference details and the source of the advertisement in the subject line.

As with your CV a good cover letter will be fairly brief and to the point and will outline why you are interested in the organisation and what skills you have which are relevant to the role.

You should always ensure that your letter is properly addressed with the full name and title of the hiring manager (you may need to call up to get this information) and your details too, whether you are sending the letter by email or in the post.

Most recruitment advertisements will ask candidates for their salary expectations.  A good way of tackling this is by saying that you are looking for a salary which will reflect your skills and experience.

Finish your cover letter on a positive by saying how much you would value a meeting with them to talk about your skills and experience in more detail and make sure that you put your contact details there too!

And last but not least, spell check it! Remember, attention to detail is key and will give you stand out.

It would be a nice touch to follow up your letter with a courtesy call to the hiring manager to check whether your cover letter and CV have been received.  This will remind the hiring manager of who you are and will also reassure you that your application has been received.

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