Sunday, 22 April 2012

FMP briefs

These briefs have all been selected with an idea of how they can enhance my portfolio. I am trying new processes to build upon the print knowledge I already have, while expanding the potential of a brief and challenging myself to design websites and screen deliverables such as eflyers, particularly in client led briefs such as Brief #3 M├Ždate. I am also thinking about a more commerical approach to demonstrate that I can design in the 'real' world by undertaking more 'serious' briefs such as Brief #5 Aviva, a D&AD advertising brief about pensions.

By working with live clients I am time managing to a professional level and am building up a list of references for my contact list. If these clients need more design work in the future, I hope they will come back to myself and keep in touch. These live briefs have a touch of professionalism unable to be gained from self-directed briefs.


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