Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ideal situation...

The ideal situation for me after LCA would be to get a placment with UHC as Jimmy did a few years back. I would love to work here as I find the building and environment so inspiring and the guys that I met were so friendly and comfortable. I really think I could fit in there. UHC is in Manchester and very close to Oxford Rail station, so I could easily get there from anywhere in the city. I wanted to express my keenness and interest to Jimmy so sent this... and his reply was...

Fingers crossed for the future but I should open my options more and not put all my eggs in one basket.

Hey Jimmy, how are you?

In the last week of Easter now and then just have 5 weeks to complete all my FMP briefs! I've taken on board your comments and am hoping to do some website designs for a few of my briefs and using imagery and interesting processes much more. I am also tackling a 'serious' advertising brief based on pensions for 18-25s to start them thinking about the future. I wanted to try a more realistic brief to show that I can design for ordinary situations and real issues.

I have my Design Strategy presentation next week also and it has made me think how amazing it would be if I managed to secure a placement at UHC after uni, so if anything comes up could you keep me in mind? I really appreciated your time and interest in my portfolio and the character of Hotspur House! Has the studio moved to the old printroom yet? I am definitely moving to Manchester after uni as soon as I can so would be great to keep in touch!

Hope you are all well and chirpy :)


Hi Hazel,

I am very good thank you. Keeping busy as usual and working away on an identity, website and stationary for an Acupuncture Centre down in Dorset. We should be moving in the next two weeks too and we're very close to releasing our new branding etc so it's very exciting times.

How about yourself? Sounds a bit crazy, good crazy though. I really enjoyed doing my FMP briefs. Your ideas of briefs sound really good, I hope I didn't encourage you to do boring work after saying about 'serious' and sometimes bland client briefs. I just think if you can get something like that and make it good (for lack of a better word) then your portfolio will appeal to more commercial practices. The pensions project sounds really interesting though, my plan is to keep a big pile of money somewhere at the minute the way pensions are going. Send us a link to your work when you've got it all sorted, it'd be nice to have a look.

We will definitely keep you in mind for a placement, at the minute we're still not looking for anything I'm afraid but when we are straight (which hopefully isn't too far away) we'll give you a shout. I am sorry we can't promise anything and thank you very much for asking again. It's just a very complicated time right now.



Thanks Jimmy, I just thought I should express my interest so you know I'm still keen!

The pensions brief is the hardest to tackle as everyone who I have spoke to has a different view. However I think you're right, it shows a commercial side and something which was lacking from my work.

I am excited to see the new branding and website! I keep checking the page and will continue to!

Hope the move goes well, whenever we moved in my old job crazy things would go missing like desks and chairs, no idea how. I hope that doesn't happen to you guys!


Haha thanks, I hope none of our stuff goes missing, sounds crazy!

The website is probably a couple of weeks off yet but we'll see. :)

Best of luck with the pensions brief! And I'll speak to you again soonish.

Many Thanks,

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