Friday, 22 April 2011


This is brilliant! A great way to get yourself noticed and actively complete briefs set by studios. As they are limited to 140 characters it wont take long for the studios to set and it would show them alot about how he interprets the brief.

"From the 14th March to the 12th May I will complete any short brief (small) set by people working within the creative industry. The only constraint to these briefs is that they are small, no longer than 140 characters in length and define a time frame to be completed in, either 1, 6 or 24 hours. Once receiving the brief, it will be entered into the calendar so you know when I will begin working on it. Updates on the various briefs can also be followed on the blog.

As a way of thank you for setting me a brief, my response will be posted to you within 48 hours from starting the brief.

At the end of the seven weeks my responses will be collated in the form of a magazine, Smalls (Issue 1). The second part of this project is to get a number of people from the creative industry to set a small, and pair these with young creatives willing to tackle them. These responses will form Smalls (Issue 2) and will form a collective of young creatives wanting to create an impression."

This is his calendar for April, really impressive!

Make Comic Sans cool

The letterhead is no longer a viable or relevant graphic design format. Announce its death to design students. It’s banned.

Using whatever media you feel appropriate tell us all the story from your birth to this brief, it can be as detailed as you wish.

The perfect breakfast.

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