Monday, 11 April 2011

Start-up costs £25,000

I'm sure we could do it cheaper and maybe find nice furniture and second hand computers but I really think we need to show a good impression and if we got second hand stuff I think it would take longer to find and would be harder to show a clean finish...

I have looked into how much money we would need to buy all the equipment we would need to set up a studio and also furnish the studio. I started by making a list

Jigsaw had pretty much all the technology stuff we would need...

I think we need to decide together how we want our studio to feel... I found this site which has loads of variations of desks. I'm pretty keen on each of us choosing our own furniture, that way we are not corporate but a collection of individuals working together. It would show how different we all are and can come up with different ideas and solutions to problems. I think this would look good to possible clients.

I also think it would be nice to have a really HUGE desk where we can do crafting things. I think this would be important and also give a different space in the studio. It could be covered with cutting mats as a feature and also functionality.

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